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                  電 話:0531-88903555


                  郵 箱:572622551@qq.com



                  ? ? ? ?山東威蘭圖新能源科技有限公司主要經營進口品牌閥門,主營產品調節閥、球閥、截止閥、蝶閥、閘閥等。威蘭圖具有豐富的管道流體整體解決經驗,其產品廣泛應用于電力、石化、環境工程、采暖制冷、供水、排水工程、建筑、造船以及 食品及飲料企業。 威蘭圖代理產品按照ANSI、ASME、API等先進標準設計制造閥門,主要產品有閘閥、截止閥、止回閥、調節閥、球閥、 蝶閥、儀表閥、伺服閥等:主要零件采用WCB、WC6、WC9、CF8、CF8M、GF3、CF3M、A105、F22、WB36、F91、F92、 321、316SS、316L、316H. 347H等:驅動形式有手動、齒輪傳動、電動、氣動和液動;閥門規格從DN10?DN2000 (3/8"?80");公稱壓力從1.0MPa?76MPa (150?4500Lb);適用溫度從-196°C?700°C。威蘭圖以優異的品 質、合理的性價比,受到用戶的普遍歡迎。

                  ? ? Shandong Weilantu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. mainly deals in imported brand valves, mainly engaged in product control valves, ball valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, gate valves and so on. Welantu has extensive experience in the overall solution of pipeline fluids, and its products are widely used in power, petrochemical, environmental engineering, heating and cooling, water supply, drainage engineering, construction, shipbuilding and food and beverage companies. Welantu agent products are designed and manufactured according to ANSI, ASME, API and other advanced standards. The main products are gate valve, globe valve, check valve, regulating valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, instrument valve, servo valve, etc.: The main parts are WCB and WC6. , WC9, CF8, CF8M, GF3, CF3M, A105, F22, WB36, F91, F92, 321, 316SS, 316L, 316H. 347H, etc.: The drive forms are manual, geared, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic; valve specifications from DN10 ~ DN2000 (3/8"~80"); nominal pressure from 1.0MPa~76MPa (150~4500Lb); applicable temperature from -196°C to 700°C. Weilantu is widely welcomed by users with its excellent quality and reasonable price/performance ratio.